Sports hall in Contern

Hall sportif à Contern

The municipality of Contern wishes to extend the sports complex of the school campus “Um Ewent” and to add a new sports hall. It will be used for school physical education, as well as for extracurricular sports clubs and various sporting events.

The new sports hall, adjacent to the existing hall, will house a double sports field, changing rooms and stands, two multi-purpose sports halls and their changing rooms, as well as the consolidation of the school campus’ janitorial facilities.

A competition was launched on which we received the first place with this project.

The architecture of the new building favors an optimized use of natural light according to the use of each room. This new hall is located to the southwest of the existing one and is connected by a common main entrance.

A wooden beam structure allows the roof to span the entire width of the building without intermediate columns. The roof is designed with three sawtooths with north-facing windows for maximized natural light and glare-free sports hall. The slope of these saw teeth is covered with solar panels, thus optimally oriented south-east, without the need for a substructure for the panels.

The first floor consists of two areas: the janitorial rooms and the multipurpose sports rooms. This floor has an independent access.

Located on the second floor, the large sports field can be divided into two smaller fields by a double curtain to allow for parallel training sessions. Equipped with public stands on the second floor, this field is also suitable for sporting events open to the public. To this end, the public entrance is via the same staircase that leads to the existing sports hall. A common foyer with boxes connects the two buildings. The main corridor leads directly to the locker rooms, which are connected by direct accesses to the sports field, in order to avoid crossing flows.

People with reduced mobility can enter through the sports access on the first floor and use the elevator to access all the different areas of the building.

The sports field can be adapted to many sports practices. The east side of the field is designed as a full height climbing wall. Basketball hoops are located on the sides of the large court, so that it can be played when it is subdivided in two.

On the same floor, the sports field is completed by rooms for the storage of sports equipment, a meeting room, a first aid room and an anti-doping room.

The stands can accommodate up to 150 spectators on the second floor. Wheelchair spaces are located next to the bleachers. Next to the public area of the stands, there is a terrace with views of the entrance.