Town hall in Esch-sur-Sûre with an extensive green roof


BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes is an architectural practice which has built its experience over thirty years on a wide range of projects, in Luxembourg and abroad. At the centre, is a well trained multi-disciplinary team of people from various international backgrounds and building cultures.

Architecture has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, be this at work, at home or in the public realm of a city. Associated to that is the acknowledgement that architecture is generated by the needs of people, responsive to context and sustainable to future generations.

Through our integrative approach we develop innovative solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues. Central to our approach is an efficient management of cost and time from early design to successful execution.


Our approach to sustainability

Sustainable design balances ecological, economical and social considerations in a long term perspective, preventing that today’s actions inhibit future opportunities. It demands integrative approach, combining the formal and informal expertise of all the concerned stakeholders. In the context of architecture and urban planning the term needs definition.

Ecology – An ecologically sound design solution has to meet three criteria:1. All technology deployed in the design has to be efficient, meaning it has to fit its purpose. 2. The system has to be consistent and resist disruption.3. The design has to be sufficient.

Economy – An economic design demands a holistic lifecycle approach from construction to end of life recycling. The design has to offer the flexibility to evolve over time. An efficient cost and time management operates at every moment.

Social – We advocate a participatory planning process, involving all the stakeholders from an early stage on. The design serves people and considers how space is used.


Our approach to quality management

In order to deliver a reliable quality service BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes have put in place a ISO 9001:2018 quality management system. Pioneers in 2002, BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes have managed to improve their services ever since. The main characteristics of their approach are: Client oriented, multidisciplinary team with the necessary know-how and experience and innovation.


Our services

BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes is an integrated design, architecture, and urban planning practice. This setup enables us to offer a customized service that fits the needs of our private and public clients. An efficient internal management of all the interfaces guarantees a reliable quality service, with one point of contact for all planning tasks.

Contact us !

We listen to you to develop a vision for your ambitious projects. Whether it is for a mission of expertise, consulting, feasibility study, competitions or for a complete mission of urban development, architecture or project management, do not hesitate to contact us.

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