School campus in Bettborn

View of the village square on the wooden-fronted cubes of the school and the music room of the school campus in Bettborn, creation of BALLINIPITT urban planners.

Our office won the competition for the creation of a school campus in Bettborn, including the expansion of the existing school and the construction of new volumes for cycles 2 to 4. Our design plans to create cubes with a wooden cladding for the new classrooms to meet the requirement of finding the right scale in relation to the existing buildings.

The cubes are aligned in a random way, thus creating a visual game of connections and various uses: library/media library, a room for creative use and a music room which can also be used by the Philharmonie Préizerdaul.
Between the cubes, multifunctional areas offer opportunities to explore new ways in modern education. The space is bright. The texture of the blocks, with their wooden covering, adds a natural vision.

The existing school will be connected by a walkway that will connect several buildings. Another existing structure, the Maison Harpes, will be transformed into a space reserved for teachers.

The outdoor space of the campus will become a zone with multiple uses and will contribute to an enhancement of the public space of the village.