EXPO 2025 Osaka Pavilion

Expo 2025 Osaka pavilion

Our project won 3rd place in the competition for the design of the Luxembourg pavilion for the 2025 World Expo in Osaka. Its ambition is to promote Luxembourg in Asia and Japan and to invite the general public to discover our country and its qualities which are transcribed in a subtle and implicit way in our architecture and scenography.

The theme that inspired us is “Connecting lives”, whether it is a real or virtual connection. Through movement, we create an element of connection and sharing. Traffic is put in the foreground of the pavilion. The abstraction of the rollercoaster of the famous Schueberfouer represents the perpetual renewal of our country.

The pavilion unites simple, clean, sober volumes with untreated wood cladding that contrasts with the colored and transparent “roller coaster” made of manufactured materials.

The patio, an open volume unlike the others, brings freshness through its vegetation to those who rest on the panoramic terrace while tasting the famous Luxembourg cake Bamkuch. Above the café is a trampoline for young and old children who, while jumping, have a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

While continuing the subtle playful connotations of the Schueberfouer, a pillar of fairground culture that is a driving force for leisure in Japan, the exhibition’s main pavilion informs the visitor, through an immersive journey that stimulates the five senses, about our beautiful country, its history, its assets, its position in the geopolitical world and its investment in scientific research.