New Partners at BALLINIPITT

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BALLINIPITT urban architects now have three new partners: Elia Canadell-Navarro, Jimmy Brunner and Raphaël Thomas .

Born in Spain in 1986, Elia Canadell-Navarro studied at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and in 2011 obtained her “Master in Higher Architecture and Urbanism”. She worked for three years at MATEO Arquitectura, an international office based in Barcelona and Zurich, where she developed major competitions and projects in Europe.
In parallel, she followed post-master studies specialized in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism at La Salle-URL Barcelona, where she received her diploma in 2014. .
Since 2015, she has been working at BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes where she continues to hone her skills in the fields of architecture and urban planning. She develops competition proposals and projects of different sizes, from residential projects, schools, to urban planning projects, PAP and masterplans. She evolves in the study and design phases.

Jimmy Brunner was born in France in 1990. He completed his studies at ESA Paris and part of his master’s degree at TU Munich. He joined the BALLINIPITT office in 2015 in parallel with his studies. An architect involved in all the phases of the projects entrusted to him, he specializes in the management and coordination of complex projects with high technical and environmental requirements, but also in the management of large-scale construction sites.
His commitment to designing and creating is not to be outdone, he wishes to strengthen the architectural signature and identity of the agency in order to perpetuate the history of BALLINIPITT in Luxembourg and promote international influence.

Raphaël Thomas was born in France in 1990. He studied at the National School of Architecture in Nancy and joined the BALLINIPITT office in 2015. Initially working on the renovation and transformation of residential buildings, then through the different phases of various projects, he was able to develop his skills in the overall management of projects. From the development of the architectural concept to the direction of the works, he participates in mixed housing, office and commercial projects but is also involved in industrial and infrastructure projects.

The managing partners , Claude Ballini and Eric Pigat , are happy to welcome these three talented collaborators in the management of the company.