PAP Aischzenter

PAP AISCHZENTER is a residential area in Steinfort with 400 apartments, a small supermarket and offices and practices.


Village centre Schëtter

Our project “Néien Duerfkär Schëtter” won the second place in the European competition launched by the municipality of Schuttrange. It combines landscape, mobility and health

Wunnquartier Stade reconversion quartier masterplan urbanisme concours Luxembourg

Wunnquartier Stadium

This project was developed within the framework of an international competition launched by the City of Luxembourg.

Plan du nouveau centre Hesperange projet d'urbanisme

Place Paul Jomé

This project won 2nd place in the urban planning competition for the restructuring and redevelopment of the Place Paul Jomé in Hesperange.

Transformation d'un site industriel Polvermillen en quartier urbain et durable

Quartier Polvermillen

The former industrial wasteland of Polvermillen offers a unique opportunity to create a new urban, sustainable and welcoming district just a stone’s throw from Luxembourg

Quartier Suebelfeld avec des logements collectifs et individuels et des bâtiments administratifs


The new Suebelfeld district in Strassen with multi-family housing, single-family housing and administrative buildings.

Laangfur Living Places urban planning concept for a new residential area in Kirchberg

Laangfur Kirchberg – Living Places

Living Places is an integrated urban planning concept for the creation of a new mixed residential area in Kirchberg on a 24-hectare site.