CFL headquarters extension to include a green, accessible roof

CFL head office

Our architect’s office presented this project to the competition for the design and construction of the new CFL headquarters.

Headquarter CFL Luxembourg station

CFL Headquarters

Project for a new CFL headquarters including the extension of the existing building with a green and accessible roof.

View from the Avenue de la Liberté on the restored façade of The Arcs building, designed by BALLINIPITT architectes urbanistes, opposite the Luxembourg Central Station.

The Arcs

Two listed historic buildings transformed into a modern and comfortable mixed-use building a few steps from the Luxembourg train station.

Bâtiment mixte avenue de la Gare à Luxembourg

3-5 Avenue de la Gare

This building is located at 3-5 avenue de la Gare and forms a complex with the mixed-use building Fort Wallis which is located on the

Cour intérieure de l'immeuble mixte Fort Wallis

Fort Wallis

Transformation and extension of an administrative building with low energy consumption. Sustainable office building with BREEAM certification.