Sandweiler school and daycare

School and daycare in mixed wood-concrete structure and black zinc cladding in Sandweiler.

The local authority of Sandweiler has launched the construction of a new school building including 8 classes of cycle 1, a daycare center, a production kitchen with dining and a sports room.

The building is divided into two contrasting parts: one with a flat roof and a light mineral plaster façade, the other with a pitched roof and black zinc cladding. The mixed wood-concrete construction allows a fast and efficient execution and meets the insulation requirements of an energy class AAA building.

The 8 classrooms with slit windows are oriented north-south. The house has rooms for specific use for music, crafts, etc. The main staircase in the covered space between the two volumes serves the two levels of the school and the daycare.

The building offers a relaxation area with a reading corner, as well as a rest room for children who stay on site all day. Particular attention is paid to the acoustics of the premises.

In the western part of the first floor there is a production kitchen for 120 meals which are served in the three dining rooms.

The gym located on the first floor is also in use outside of school and daycare hours. It is accessible through an independent entrance.

Special attention was paid to energy and ecological measures. The outdoor watering of the educational garden is ensured by the rainwater collected on the roof which also supplies the toilets. Solar panels produce the domestic hot water, while the building is heated by a wood pellet boiler. The high-efficiency double flow ventilation maintains control of the CO2 level in the whole building. The lighting reacts to natural light and the presence of people.