Buildings of Multimodal Hub

Several administrative and technical buildings for the CFL multimodal platform in Bettembourg-Dudelange.

CFL built the multimodal platform in Bettembourg-Dudelange on behalf of the Fonds du rail, a major strategic project of the state in the field of logistics with a total budget of 230 million euros. In this context, several administrative and technical buildings have been created.

The “Gate Entrance” forms the entrance to the terminal lot. This is where incoming trucks are scanned and registered. Then the delivered goods are measured and weighed in the “Gate Template”. In addition, the handling and loading of freight onto freight trains and trucks is carried out, and the maintenance and repair of the clamp stackers, which are essential for loading the containers, is carried out in the “Workshop”.

Finally, the “PCC” is the switching center of the container terminal where all processes are monitored and coordinated. The special feature of this three-story building is its glass top level, which provides employees with a 360° view, thus meeting the need for surveillance and control of the surrounding area.