Brasserie Nationale Museum

Project for the construction of the Beer Museum, on the production site of the Brasserie Nationale in Bascharage.

The construction of the Beer Museum on the production site of the Brasserie Nationale in Bascharage creates a point of attraction for the municipality and strengthens the image of the brewery, located on the main road. Besides the products of the Brasserie Nationale, the museum also presents various brands beyond the regional borders.

The objective of the project is the construction of an industrial hall with a concave translucent polycarbonate façade. The base is composed of tubular elements in reddish brown terracotta. The upper floor opens onto a terrace.

The new building is integrated into the brewery’s production facilities. Beer production continues in the adjacent buildings during the construction phase.

Heating is provided by a heat pump integrated and concealed in the concrete structure of the building to prevent visual disturbance.

The museum will be accessible through an existing courtyard. The first floor is built over a vaulted basement.

The didactic concept of the museum is based on experience and on a large collection presented mainly on the 1st and 2nd floors. A variable space hosts temporary exhibitions. The upper floor has an event space that can be used independently of the other areas. A tasting room and a store, located on the first floor, complete the ensemble.