Kirchberg Cooperative

This residential building in Kirchberg was designed for Adhoc, the first residents' cooperative in Luxembourg.

The purpose of a cooperative is the economic and/or social promotion of its members through a common commercial activity, without generating economic profit. The housing cooperative aims to provide its members with a living space by guaranteeing a rent without speculative considerations. It is therefore the one who finances the construction project. It is adapted to the needs of future residents who actively participate in the decision making process regarding their place of residence.

In addition, Adhoc received the 2019 LUCA Honorary Award for the pioneering nature of this initiative in Luxembourg.

Adhoc has obtained a plot of land in the Réimerwee district from the Fonds d’urbanisme et d’aménagement du Plateau de Kirchberg. The project includes up to 35 apartments, flexible and adaptable to the needs of their occupants. Some are for short stays (guests, vacationers, trainees); they are managed by the cooperative. Others are specially designed for the elderly, others for students or young couples. Artists can take advantage of the “work and live” units, also included in the project.

The emphasis is on the collective parts of the building that facilitate spontaneous meetings between the inhabitants: multifunctional room, co-working space, laundry room, cold room, bicycle room, etc. The cooperative also plans to manage its own carpooling system. The electric vehicles are charged with energy produced on site. A rooftop greenhouse allows co-op members to grow their own vegetables, which they can then use to provide healthy meals to other neighborhood residents – in the bistro set up in the first floor common areas.